Monday, August 18, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Temple of...Cake?

Our dear friend, Preston, turned 7 this month and he had a very special birthday request. He wanted a chocolate Indiana Jones Hat Cake. Was I up for it? Of course. How do you say no to this face?

I printed pictures of fedoras, rounded up my favorite chocolate cake recipe (so far) and started collecting the supplies I needed to make this birthday cake wish come true. For the cake I used Paula Dean's Dreamy Chocolate Mousse Cake. It is fail proof, I think. So moist. So Tasty. So full of chocolaty goodness. To help give the look of the fedora, I used the brown pack of Wilton colored fondant.

I had never used fondant before, but it was easier than I thought. The hardest part is that it dries quickly so you have to plan ahead before starting your project. I used the fondant for the brim of the hat, the ribbon and bow, and to make the letters on the cake. I brushed the letters with edible glitter and together the hat cake was made. I wish the top of the hat was a little smoother, but for my first shaped cake, I think it turned out pretty darn cute.

What did the birthday boy think? "It's perfect!" followed by a huge hug. I couldn't be happier! Peston's brother, Bergen, also had a birthday this month, as you can see, he had his share of yummy baked birthday treats. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRESTON AND BERGEN! Miss Janda and Mr. Derrick love you both!


Andi said...

You did an outstanding job on the cake's just amazing!

sassy stephanie said...

My bday is in November.

Amy said...

ohmygosh those kids are cute!


A. Lee said...

Janna, you did such a great job on that cake!!! :) And Braelyn's cupcakes turned out adorable!!
So, tell me again...when are you starting your own bakery??

Prudy said...

That is gorgeous, and I love that it's kid friendly and grown up elegant, too. I'd love some and my birthday is in November also.:)

Lisa said...

Wow! What 7 year old wouldn't like that cake? Love your blog:)

Grace said...

i, for one, am super impressed. i don't even bother attempting to decorate cakes anymore. you do good work. :)

Poonam said...

I want all that cake!

Mara said...

awww that is so cute!!! i am working on a cake for a little girl's 4th bday this wkd and they are just so time consuming! how does anyone do lots of these?? crazy!

Janna said...

Andi- Thanks Aunt Andi! I think it is pretty darn cute!

Sassy Steph- Haha! That's exactly what my friend Amy says all the time. :)

Amy-Those kids ARE cute and SWEET!

Allison-You're hilarious! Baking is fun for me, but I worry that it wouldn't be fun if it was my job. :)I MISS YOU! Did you get my messages?

Prudy- It is SO tasty! I highly recommend trying this Paula Dean recipe. SO tasty and CRAZy moist. :)

Lisa-Aw! Thanks!

Grace- Thanks, Grace! I was impressed with myself. My first shaped cake.

Poonam- You would have had to make yourself stop eating it. This recipe is EXCELLENT!

Mara-I agree. This cake took me several hours. I think about professional bakers and how they do this all the time and I realize, that's their job, to bake all day and they probably have several projects going simultaneously. Icing a cake is simple motion for them. I get it, but I know it's hard! I don't take chefs for granted, that's for sure!

Sophie said...

What a cute cake! First time working with fondant, eh? Looks awesome...I want to try it out soon, I've yet to work with it...the letters look perfect, and I'd even wear that hat...if it weren't edible, that is :). Lovely job!

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...